Cloud VPS

Tap into a powerful network of Virtual Machines, harnessing virtualization technology to host and remotely manage your data via a single, workable interface.

If your projects are poised to grow, you need the high availability, versatility and reliability of the Cloud, combined with the accessibility and efficiency of a dedicated server.

Our Cloud VPS hosting solutions are scalable, flexible, secure and cost-efficient, while easily configured to meet your needs.

Peace of mind is equally integral to the service: Bolton’s automated back-up feature, combined with our storage infrastructure, ensures your data is continuously updated, safe and accessible. In the event you need to restore your server, your assets remain protected, and your business operations continue as normal.


€ 35.00 / per month

  • RAM 4GB
  • CPU 4
  • Diak 100GB


€ 90.00 / per month

  • RAM 16GB
  • CPU 8
  • Diak 240GB


€ 180.00 / per month

  • RAM 24GB
  • CPU 10
  • Diak 500GB