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At Bolton Technologies we believe that technology deserves to be
seen primarily as a facilitator for progress, not as a cost or worry.

We aim to cement and spread that belief by offering businesses intelligent ways to solve problems and eradicate inefficiencies anchoring operations down.

We can help your business move to a networked environment encouraging the sharing of resources and boosting collaboration.

Shifting to a networked IT configuration designed and implemented by our Cisco-qualified experts can provide your organization with a great number of benefits including:

The ability to share files quickly and without overly complicated methods, accessing your files and resources from remote locations, using and sharing peripheral devices between users saving you money both in terms of upfront cost and maintenance, the ability to share a dedicated internet connection, a way to increase capacity of file storage by accessing a central data silo, an easy way to regulate user access levels and monitor activity and many more.

Further to the above, Bolton Technologies can bolster productivity by enabling your employees to work or check on their projects while away from the office.

This can be achieved by secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections to company resources using laptops or other mobile devices specifically configured by our technicians to access files or locally-installed software without compromising on safety and confidentiality. In addition, we will provide training to your employees on how to get the most of this technology and how to keep themselves and the data they use while on the go safe from prying eyes.

Finally, our company can help your business no matter the scale of your operations. If the above services and products are too budget-demanding for the current size of your business, Bolton Technologies can still step in with more appropriate services and assistance. Just let us know what your vision and needs are and we will advise you on how to proceed to get the most from the finances at your disposal. From low-cost cloud-based office suites to small-scale hardware acquisition we can offer solutions your business will tangibly benefit from.

We build and transform businesses through strategy

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Let's turn your idea
into a scalable business

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