Managed Security Services

Our Next-Gen of Security Operations Center, powered with Artificial Intelligence, enables us to protect your corporate assets wherever they are vulnerable or exposed to the threat of attack.

A machine learning technology enables us to detect emerging threats, in real time, and is mapped in a way that provides total network visibility. Improving our ability to quickly diagnose potential issues and act accordingly.

With an ever-evolving cyber landscape, businesses are facing increased and more complex threats to their environments. Attacks are happening at a far greater rate and the damage they pose is immeasurable.


From data breaches, to insider threats, to ransomware attacks, the list is endless. As a result, many companies find themselves navigating through little understood waters without the right equipment, or knowledge at their disposal. The fall out is that these organisations become victims to truly damaging attacks, costing them both in revenue and reputation.

Our managed cyber security services encompass prevention, detection and remediation. This robust multi-pronged approach means that we cover all areas, warding of the danger posed any kind of threats; either internal or external.

Network Security

With our AI-powered technologies we monitor through the network for under the radar attacks or any kind of malicious activity.

Incident Detection

The machine learning enables us to detect emerging threats, in real time. Even at threats that would have gone under the radar.

Incident Response

An automated tool to react faster calculating the best action to take to effectively respond to a cyber-attack.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Detection and Response provides critical monitoring, fast analysis, detection and response on your endpoint devices.

AI Powered SOC as a Service

Our Managed Security Services are delivered from our purpose built 24/7 onshore Security Operations Centre (SOC) based in a strategic geolocation.

Our SOC employs a leading array of cyber engineers and analysts from varying backgrounds, meaning we are always on the cutting edge when it comes to understanding and operating within the ever-changing threat landscape.