Veeam Backup as a service

No more sleep lost over the threat of ransomware or system failure… Bolton brings you fast, flexible and reliable offsite data protection, recovery and retention, powered by Veeam, the industry leader in back-up solutions.

Veeam backs up Virtual Machine images, storing them in a secure, central location. These can be rebooted near-instantly should disaster strike, with an under-15-minute recovery time and point objectives for all data and applications.

The software stands by its capacity to recover any application, file or VM, while reducing data loss to a minimum.

And, thanks to its continuous monitoring and alerts, issues can be detected and dealt with before they can impact operations.

Veeam’s single portal also makes it simple to apply the 3-2-1 rule – maintaining at least three copies of your data, stored on two different media, with one back-up copy offsite – ensuring all data transfers are encrypted and delivered swiftly via WAN acceleration.

And should you need additional support for your cloud back-up process, Bolton’s experienced team are on hand to guide you, step by step.

Cloud Connect

Instant 30 days free 5TB

  • Includes insider threat protection.
  • NO traffic charges.
  • Can be converted to a managed solution.
  • Combine with any ReVirt products including DRaaS.
  • Can be used with physical, cloud and workstations.

Microsoft 365 Backup

30 days free trial

  • Includes self-service web interface.
  • Backup Mail, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.
  • Unlimited storage and up to 10 years retention.
  • Choose data location between 15 different countries.
  • Monthly “Pay as you go” per user.